M5HV Portable Balanced Amplifier

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M5HV Portable Balanced Amplifier

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Product Information

As the balanced portable audio is being more common, portable balanced amplifier M5HV is developed for differential signal amplification. The strong voltage regulation circuit is introduced into this amplifier, as portable amplifier M3HV does, for 24-volt power output to the amplifier section. The first buffer stage increases the input impedance of amplifier to minimize distortion from the digital audio players whereas the output sections applies a pair of Texas Instruments TPA6120 for high-current output. The op-amps at both first buffer stage and the second amplifying stage are replaceable with your own choices.

Alps RK097 series potentiometers, made in Japan, are introduced for all of our portable amplifiers. Apart from that, all of the components in amplifier section are audio-graded such as 718 RJ24 0.1% high precision resistors, Wima MKS2 film capacitors, TK Jovial Audio UTSJ electrolytic capacitors.

Apart from the circuit layout and component selection, The aluminium frame and the carbon fiber top & bottom plates are produced via computer numeric control (CNC) router for highly precise and fine enclosure design.


Type Balanced Audio Signal Amplifier
Structure Op-amp Buffer → Op-amp Voltage Amplifier → TPA6120 Current Amplifiers
Power Configuration – Parallelled 18650 3.7V Li-ion Battery Boosting to 24V with Op-amp Rail-splitter
– 1A USB Charging Module Inside
Durability 9 Hours
Dimensions 142 mm L x 76 mm W x 24 mm H
Package Including – Amplifier
Remarks – The amplifiers & DACs with Lithium-ion battery can only be shipped via UPS Worldwide Express due to the limitation of Hongkong Post's policy.
Product Code M5HGQLLQ52
Condition New
Weight 0.5kg

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