How to Order

Before taking this guide, thank you for your attention to our products. We accept online payment via Paypal for international customers.

Order Procedures:

  1. Select the products that you need, and add them into the basket.
  2. To see what you have added, click the basket logo at the top right corner.
    If all the items have been confirmed, click "Checkout".
  3. Enter the delivery address and your contact information.
    • Since the shipping rates are the real quote from the pricelists of Hongkong Post and UPS, you can select the either one of the available shipping services depending on the delivery time and cost.
    • It is recommended to create an account for convenient way to make an order in the future with the same delivery information. The contact information obtained is only for handling your orders and inquiries. We are no longer releasing any promotional information via post, email, or any personal messenger.
  4. For any special requirements or notes, simply leave them in "Delivery Notes or Additional Comments". Please also leave your requirements even though you have informed us through email or Facebook messenger.
  5. Once all the information and items are confirmed to be correct, click "Checkout" and proceed to Paypal.
  6. Log in to Paypal and send the payment to us.
    • If the redirection to Paypal is missed, the payment can be still settled manually by sending it to with the online order number in the Notes box, or
      contact us to send the payment request for your settlement.
  7. When the payment has been settled, we will confirm and change the status of order from "Pending" to "Processing" manually within 24 hours.
  8. Once all the products has been ready and shipped, we send your package with your address and contact information provided on our website.
    • The tracking number will be provided via email or Facebook messenger to track the status of your order.
      (The shipment tracking service is powered by AfterShip.)
  9. The status of order will be changed to "Complete" next 3 working days after the package is delivered to your address according to the official delivery information.

Important Order Information:

In order to have pleased shopping experience in our online store, please read the following important information.

  • Tax and delivery rate are excluded from the prices listed on our website and Facebook page.
  • Lead time may be required for the handicraft products (i.e. IEM Cables & Jumpers). Usually it is approximately 1 week.
  • Delivery time usually consumes approximately less than 1 week (for Speedpost & UPS Worldwide Express) or 2-3 weeks (for Air Registered Packet) if no customs detention, uncertain delivery due to unclear address or incorrect postal code, or any special post arrangement is occurred.
    • 05 OCT 2015 UPDATED INFORMATION: For the order of amplifiers or DACs, the UPS Worldwide Express is the only available shipping option. If either Speedpost or Air Parcel is selected, the battery will be excluded due to limitation of Hongkong Post's policy and the international postal regulations.
    • 09 JAN 2017 UPDATED INFORMATION: In order to reduce the delivery rate of the order, the selection of Air Parcel has been changed to Air Registered Packet. Both of them still consume similar time for delivery and have tracking number to trace the status of the package. If you desired to get the product quickly or obtain full tracking information, you may consider the original Speedpost Service or UPS Worldwide Express.
    • YY Pro Audio does not be responsible for the packages after they are sent. If customers desire to insure the package, please contact us before making the order.
  • If the stock is insufficient, we will contact customers for any replacement or refund by email or Facebook messenger.
    • If there is no reply from the customers within 7 days, the order will be cancelled and the full refund will be proceeded.
  • For customized cables with special connectors, contact us for a quote before making the order.
  • If any information which is not mentioned on the product page or on the entire website, contact us for the further enquiries.
  • The personal information collected from customers is only for providing services upon receiving purchase orders and responding to the enquiries.
  • In case of any dispute, YY Pro Audio reserves the right for final judgment and decision.

Warranty Information:

All finished products of audio cables & amplifiers ("products") sold by YY Pro Audio have 1-year limited warranty. Please read the following notes for the details of warranty.

  • The warranty period of the products is from the date of post packages received, provided by the post service provider.
  • For audio cables, the limited warranty only covers defects in two-ended connectors. Any defects in strands (i.e. surface oxidation or strands cut) are excluded from the limited warranty.
    • It is advised that the cables should be wiped with a paper towel for removal of sweat or vapour on surface and put in a sealed container with the packed desiccant granules after use to prevent the above reaction from occurring.
  • For amplifiers, the limited warranty only covers defects in fixed parts. Any defects found in interchangeable or removable parts are excluded from the limited warranty.
  • All of our DIY kits of amplifiers are not covered by the limited warranty.
  • If such a defect is discovered during the limited warranty period, we will, at our sole option, repair or replace your product at no repairing fee or product cost to you.
  • The limited warranty of the products will be invalid if
    • any modification or repair is found to be completed by other parties' service, or
    • any damage is caused by mand-made, misuse, abuse, neglect, wear and tear, accidents, natural disasters,or other events beyond company’s control.
  • Customers have to be responsible for the return shipping costs between sending locations and our store. If you need the quote for cost of delivery, please contact us for details.
  • YY Pro Audio does not be responsible to any damage or loss of the returned products during delivery.
  • For out-of-warranty products, the repair service is available in presence of a confirmed quote of service from YY Pro Audio.

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